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Wicked Wheels Weekend Sponsor Information

Here is some background information on our Wicked Wheels Weekend
Car and Motorcycle show:

Levels of Sponsorship:

Bronze 200.00 – banner displayed and or logo on back of event shirt and 4 passes
Silver 300.00 – same as above and a 10X10 space is added
Gold 500.00- same as above and adds space and more passes!
Platinum 800.00- all of above and adds unlimited space!!!
We began this show in 2009. Our attendance the first year was about 1700 people. It snowed all weekend.

Our attendance was about the same the next 2 years.

We have had approximately 30 vendors at participate at the show. We have room for up to 45 or 50.

The show is being held at the Sandwich Fairgrounds in Sandwich, IL. We have almost unlimited space.
The show had been held at Timber Inn and Suites Convention center here in Sandwich, Illinois.
We are looking for a Sponsor for the show as we have not had this in the past. Sponsorship would help us pay to have a special guest. So far we have a yes answer from 3 different Sons of Anarchy TV show actors. It would cost about 10,000 to get one of them here at the show. We are hoping the popularity of this show will draw even more people to the show.

As a sponsor we would put your logo and name on every piece of advertising, etc. We would not allow any other business of your type to be involved. We get this show in major magazines and do a lot of advertising.

We have our website- www.blackmagiccustoms.com and a website set up just for the show at www.wickedwheelsweekend.com.

Download printable information sheet - Wicked Wheels Weekend Sponsor Information

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